LVUSD Educator Leadership Pathway
RULER (SEL Leadership)

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Using Yale's RULER Resource Library, a trained facilitator will lead a team of 3-5 educators to develop a deeper  understanding of RULER Framework and  work to develop a unit of study that can be used both by  the team and shared with the broader district. 


  1. Adaptive Schools 4 Day Foundation Training Completed 

  2. Complete AS Refresher Series (This, plus asynchronous reading will provide the leader with 19.5 hours of paid PD credit). 

  3. Completed the EDX 391 Course (preferred) or has read Permission to Feel


  1. Identify a team of 3-5 educators in your grade level, department, and/or school to work for 19.5 hours to better understand RULER Framework and reources to align them to a unit of study. Facilitation activities will be provided in the Refresher trainings referenced above. 

  2. The unit of study, meeting agendas, and meeting log need to be submitted to Dr. Gleason by the end of the year. 


  1. 19.5 hours of Paid Professional Development for completing the Adaptive Schools Refresher Series. 

  2. $657 Stipend for planning, coordinating, and facilitating the team through better understanding the standards and applying them to a unit of study. 

  3. All educator participants on the facilitator's team will receive 19.5 hours of paid professional development time. 

  4. There will be up to fifty educators districtwide selected for this opportunity.