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Mild-Moderate Support Needs
Teaching Credential Program


Program Overview

LVUSD is currently in the process of pursuing accreditation for an Education Specialists Mild-Moderate Support Needs (MMSN) Credential Program with an anticipated start date of June 2023. 

The Mild Moderate Support Needs (MMSN) Credential Program is a one-year program designed for aspiring school teachers who want to teach students with disabilities.


Candidates participate in clinical work that allows them to learn about the elements of effective teaching in the context of the California Teacher Performance Expectations (TPE).

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Program Details

Program Goals

  • Develop a clear understanding of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. 

  • Identify best practices for pedagogy and learning.

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of legal requirements for students with disabilities. 

  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of how the IEP drives the teaching, learning, and assessment process. 

  • Provide field experiences that develop skills associated with effective teaching in special education settings. 


Completion Requirements:

  • Coursework: Complete all program courses with a Grade “B” or Better

  • Clinical Work: 600 clinical hours are focused on supervised student teaching in a clinical setting. Approximately 200 of the hours will be in a general education setting with 400 in a special education setting.

  • CAL TPA: Passage of both cycles of the California Teacher Performance Assessment (CAL TPA):

    • Cycle 1: Learning about students with IEPs and planning instruction

    • Cycle 2: Assessment driven instruction for students with IEPs


To be eligible for the MMSN program, you must possess a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university with a minimum graduating GPA of 2.5. A formal interview and a written assessment will be part of the application process.

Application Process

We are currently accepting applications for Cohort 1, which we anticipate will begin in June of 2023, pending accreditation. Please visit the links below to access our program calendar and application. Completed application packets are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Application packets must include:

  1. MMSN Program Application

  2. Official transcript for university coursework

  3. A copy of your current California credential(s), if applicable.

  4. Three current letters of recommendation that speak to your potential as a teacher. 

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