Educator Leadership Pathway

Since 2016, LVUSD Center EdX has invested in two systems for growing educators and leaders: Adaptive Schools and Cognitive Coaching with the following theory of action:

  • Adaptive Schools: Hattie (2009) found that the greatest impact (of all researched influences) on student learning comes from collective teacher efficacy. Collective efficacy involves a group of educators, trained to be a highly functional team, collaborating on data, lesson planning, and design. Adaptive Schools provides the skills of developing teams to build collective efficacy. 

  • Cognitive Coaching: Garmston and Costa (2016) found that the greatest transference to the classroom of new learning comes through an educator who is coached by someone who is highly skilled at meditative thinking. Cognitive Coaching is the model of coaching developed from Costa and Garmston synthesis of the research on adult learning.


These two constructs serve as the research base for LVUSD’s Center EdX which now develops and provides credentials to current and aspiring teachers/administrators from over 15 regional districts. 

In the 2021-22 school year Center EdX offering four Educator Leadership Pathways for individuals trained in the Cognitive Coaching and/or Adaptive Schools along with Yale's RULER approach and/or LVUSD's Social Justice initiative. 

Please Click Below to Explore these Opportunities (Note: This Pilot is for LVUSD Employees Only for the 21-22 School Year).